15 IBU / 4.3% ABV

Availability: Summer

Our signature summer beer, Verano is an easy-drinking and flavorful amber lager brewed in the tradition of Mexican lagers whose origin comes from immigrant Bavarian brewers that flocked to Central and South America in the first part of the 20th century.

The background of the beer comes from the Vienna Lager whose complex, yet subtle, and delicate malt flavors are the core the beer’s profile. With Verano Mexican-style Lager we used American corn and rice to lighten the body and further develop the subtleties of the European malts used. Light, crisp, and full of delicious malt flavors, Verano is a thirst-quenching craft beer. A fine beer on its own, however, we do offer it with a lime at our Ann Arbor Tap Room.