Upcoming Beers: Two Hops and Some Wheat Walk Into a Bar...

Summer has officially arrived, and we're celebrating the same way we celebrate every season: by enjoying (smashing) some excellent lagers! And we have two hoppy remixes and a familiar wheat beer for you -- Gulo Gulo IPL gets a jolt of Amarillo, Green Thumb showcases Falconer's Flight 7Cs, and West Side Wheat returns to the draft lines! Read on for our intern, Ryan's, explanation of these brews! All three will be available in the coming weeks -- stay tuned to our social media for release dates!

Gulo Amarillo
--India Pale Lager--
Fans of our classic Gulo Gulo IPL rejoice! We’re rolling out a special, limited release version of one of your favorites. It’s still the exact same grains and expert lagering techniques that made you love this ground-breaking I.P.L. style the first time around, but now we’re tweaking the recipe to give you even more hops. Using only Amarillo hops this time, the beer is dry-hopped once in the fermenter and then given a second punch of Amarillo just before kegging off. The Amarillo gives this brew an incredible citrus aroma and refreshing flavor for a perfect summer take on the beer. We’re excited to share this special release with all our fellow hop-heads!

7 Cs Green Thumb
--Session India Pale Lager--
Another limited release on a classic! Whether you’ve had a chance to try our original Green Thumb Session I.P.L. or not, we think you’ll enjoy this new version. In this batch, we wanted our recipe to highlight the intoxicatingly floral and citrus flavors of Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s hops. Our brewers found the perfect foundation of American malts and barleys to compliment the 7 C’s and bring you a low alcohol, yet highly hoppy beer that is truly one-of-a-kind.

West Side Wheat
--Wheat Lager--
It’s back! Our favorite bready, yet crisp, wheat lager is finally returning for the summer. For newcomers, West Side Wheat is exactly the no-frills wheat lager you would expect from WSBC. This beer is named after our home in Ann Arbor’s west side – a place known for its love of community and homegrown attitude. This beer is brewed with plenty of hearty Canadian wheat and naturally fruity Munich malt. We then round it out with a dash of citrus from our American hops before lagering for 5 weeks just above freezing temperatures. The final result is an exceptionally balanced wheat beer with a mild hop finish that anyone can enjoy on a warm day. We can’t wait to crack one open with you soon!