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New Beer Alert: Shore Storm East Coast IPL

Shore Storm is on the horizon! This East Coast IPL is a brand-new beer to us, and it's now available in the Tap Room. For some more info on this too-hot-to-handle style, we present Brewmaster Oliver Roberts!

1. What makes an East Coast IPL an East Coast IPL? 
The differentiation is versus the West Coast IPA style, which is a dryer, hop-bitterness-focused beer. EC IPAs are about the fruity flavors that come from dry-hopping and with more malt sweetness. We make ours with lager yeast, thus IPL rather than IPA. The goal is the same: heavy fruit flavors and aromas derived from hops.
2. East Coast styles are #sohotrightnow. How will styling this beer as a lager make it stand out/make it different?
I think making a lager out of this style will add an extra layer of smoothness to the beer and a definitive ability to actually pick out the hops that were used.
3. What hops do you use in it? Talk about the Aroma and Flavor Infusion Chamber (AFIC) process. 
We took a different approach than most others versions. We used Cascade, Chinook, and Simcoe in the brewhouse and fermenter. Then we used Michigan grown Cascade leaf hops and Simcoe in the AFIC. Many versions of this still stay away from the "C" hops, and opt for more fruity, exotic hops varieties. I know our yeast and what it can do for fruit-forward flavors of "C" hops, so we went that direction.
4. Where does the name come from? 
The name comes from envisioning the powerful force of an ocean storm (the ominous East Coast IPA style taking over the craft beer world) colliding with the established shoreline (craft beer and especially lagers) that can be reshaped by the looming storm ready to change it, perhaps for some time to come.