Early Spring Beer Releases

At Wolverine State, we know that spring has sprung when Quickhatch and Green Thumb hit the draft lines. Both are always released in March and April, and we look forward to their arrival as much as we look forward to opening up the beer garden for the season! (Which we did this week, believe it or not! We'll keep you posted via social media on when it's open until we're definitely sure the warm weather is here to stay. So...June?) 

Joining the spring release lineup this year is Raucher, a smoked lager that made some waves at last year's Great American Beer Festival. This is our second time brewing Raucher, and a spring release just seemed perfect. 

Quickhatch is a bourbon-barrel-aged and fermented brown lager. "Third use" bourbon barrels are employed to impart a delicate bourbon character that's not over the top or particularly boozy -- just enough bourbon to add some warmth and sweetness and allow woodsy barrel flavors to blend into the beer. We brew this and ferment it for a few days before transferring it into these third-use bourbon barrels, where it finishes fermentation and ages all winter at near-freezing temperatures. Come spring, it's time to bust those barrels open and enjoy the soft, subtle malty- and bourbon-sweetness that makes Quickhatch so special. Available soon! 

Raucher derives its delicate smoke flavor and aroma from beechwood smoked malt, which billows forth in the brew alongside Munich, Vienna, Honey, and Roasted Barley malts. The key to any great smoked beer is balance -- if surrounded by a good, crisp body and enough bitterness to provide a foil to the phenolic smoke, you've got a winner. We use German Hallertau Mittelfreuh hops to provide that balance, and we lager this beer cold and slow for a clean body and beautiful finish. Available soon!

Green Thumb is our session IPL -- a perfect lawnmower beer for those spring days spent beautifying the yard or soaking up some Michigan sunlight in a lawn chair. Green Thumb is hopped with Cascade, Columbus, and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops -- used in tandem, these hops provide a well-rounded amount of flavor and aroma that strikes a perfect balance between citrussy/floral and bitter. Light and smooth in body and finish, Green Thumb's lower abv makes it easy to enjoy a couple while you enjoy these longer days. Available in April.