New Beer Alert: Wheelbarrow Weekend Radler

Story pitch: Refreshing, drinkable Munich Helles meets fresh-squeezed, zippy lemon juice. They join forces. Summer never tastes the same. 

Cut to present day! And the story is becoming reality. Have you ever had a radler? It's a refreshing, low-abv, drinkable mixture of either soda or lemonade and beer. You guys, radlers are SO GOOD. So we made one! Enter Wheelbarrow Weekend Radler, meant to be enjoyed in the sun, on a boat, on a patio, during yard work, by a bonfire, or at a bbq. To name a few ideas.

Brewmaster Oliver Roberts wanted something easy on the palate that tasted bright and sunny but still had that crisp lager zip to it. With our focus on German beers (we're an all-lager microbrewery, so...), it made sense for us to go with a German-inspired, refreshing brew. 

Wheelbarrow Weekend will be available in the tap room during the week of 4/10 and out in the larger distro market in the next four weeks.