New Beers + Spring Beer Features!

You know you love Au Sable RyePL -- it's a staff favorite around here, too! Rye takes center stage in two ways here: first, by adding a touch of spiciness to the flavor of the brew and secondly, by creating an ultra-pleasant, somewhat slick mouthfeel. Au Sable is rounded out with a big beautiful hop bouquet with late-addition Cascades taking center stage. This is an utterly quaffable brew, as complex and inspiring as the river for which it is named. 

Next up: Carcajou Rye Lager! Like Au Sable, this is a brew that features spring-appropriate zippy rye, but in this case, the rye is accompanied by a really fun grain bill that includes additions of honey malt and oak smoke. What you're left with is a multi-layered drinking experience that is perfectly balanced by just the right amount of Northern Brewer hops. 

Quickhatch is our brown lager aged AND fermented in third-use bourbon barrels. What do we mean by all of that? First off, you don't often hear about aging AND fermenting happening in bourbon barrels. We do it because we love the soft vanilla and oak character that the barrels imbue the beer with. Before Quickhatch went in for a long sleep in them, these barrels were occupied by 2016 Massacre. There's juuuust enough bourbon left in the wood to make our Quickhatch deliciously soft, complex, and oh-so-flavorful. Quichatch is April 2017's Beer of the Month, so be sure to come see us on Mondays for $1 off 15-oz pours. 

Faustian Baltic Porter is our big booming Baltic brew featuring an awesome, complex grain bill -- in addition to a ton of Munich malt, you'll find oats, chocolate malt, and roast barley malts in this smooth operator. Rich, complex, roasty, and slightly sweet, Faustian will make all your Baltic Porter dreams come true. 

Last but not least, we have a brand new beer to tell/tease you about. It's called Wheelbarrow Weekend, and it is going to be GOOD. This Radler (yep, you read it right) features a sunny, vibrant, golden body with a touch of fresh-squeezed lemon juice to give it a zippy, refreshing flavor. This brew is absolutely perfect for the long spring and summer days ahead. We'll update you when we're close to releasing it!