Early Fall Beer Releases

Happy back-to-school! The leaves are starting to turn (out of nowhere!! They were green yesterday!), the air is...hot and stifling, and cider doughnuts are on the menu. Yep, it's September in Michigan. We've got a lineup of great beers coming your way to help celebrate fall. Please fasten your seatbelts -- this plane is officially taking off from summer land. 

First up: the brews you remember from years past. Split Sky Rye and Oat Milk Stout Lager (aka "damn, that's a mouthfull" beer) will return in the coming weeks. The rye base in this beer gives some spiciness to the body, while oats create a smooth mouthfeel, which is further smoothed out by adding milk sugar to the brew. It's malty, smooth, and roasty. 

Remember how Insolent Mink came back last year, but reincarnated as a lager? You don't? That's okay. Insolent Mink used to be an IPA way way back in the early days of Wolverine State until last year when Oliver saw the light and remade it into an IPL. It's "hop bursted," which means that the majority of the hop flavor and aroma were added in the last 10 minutes of the boil. The result is a juicy, fresh, vibrant-smelling and -tasting IPL that will satisfy your every hop craving. Good to have you back, Mink. 

Next up: Cucurbita Smiles Spiced Pumpkin Lager. Need we say more? This pumpkin beer is an October favorite around here, probably because it tastes like pumpkin pie -- but it's not overpowering. It's a balanced beer with notes of toasty brown sugar, warming cinnamon, nutmeg, and real (read: none o' that fake stuff) vanilla. Look for it in late September/early October. 

Gulo Cubed will also return this fall. Gulo's big brother, Cubed is smooth and sweet on the palate with enough lupulin to make you get up and do a little dance. It's delicious. It's classic. It's calling your name. 

Last up, we have a familiar friend with a new vibe. Galaxy Green Thumb (when we used all Galaxy hops in our Session IPL) was so much fun to make, we decided to make a version using all Nelson Sauvin hops. These highly sought-after New Zealand hops impart juicy white wine and fruit notes. Release date of Nelson Sauvin Green Thumb TBD.