Summer's Last Gasp, aka Late Summer Beer Releases

We have reached a critical point of the summer, guys. It's mid-August, and suddenly we're responsible for purchasing new notebooks and shoes and mechanical pencils because, come on, regular pencils are like so passe. Also on the list of things to do: sit and ruminate, perhaps on a drive to procure said pencils and notebooks, about the lack of sandy blankets in your trunk; the complete absence of potato-salad-induced bloat; the dearth of photographs of you and your friends enjoying cold beverages on softly lit outdoor patios. Where did summer go? 

Well, we can't throw sand at you or make your grandma's potato salad, but we can at least help you out on the patio-drinking front.  Late summer marks more than just golden sunsets and back-to-school shopping -- for us, it marks the return of our World Beer Cup Bronze Medal-winner Raucher Smoked Lager and the introduction of a brand-new brew, Paraiso Fruited Wheat Lager. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for a new twist on our Green Thumb Session IPL, GALAXY Green Thumb! Also coming up: Big House Brown Lager (if there were ever a sure sign of fall) and Oktoberfest. But those are firmly FALL beers and will receive their very own post. So get your hands on a pint and grab a seat on our patio while you can! 

You know Raucher. You love Raucher. It is made with German beechwood smoked malt, which imparts rich campfire smoke notes. A well-rounded mash bill gives the beer a comfortable, stable backbone, and German Hallertau Mittelfruh hops give the beer its necessary hop balance. Raucher will return in mid-August!

Heard of Galaxy hops recently? These thunder-from-down-under hops (they're from Australia) have been making waves with their big, punchy passionfruit flavor and aroma. They're so fragrant and delicious, we decided to hop our session IPL Green Thumb with them exclusively. The result, Galaxy Green Thumb, is a drool-worthy, ultra-drinkable session beer with tropical notes and juicy passionfruit flavor and aroma. Look for it by late August! 

Paraiso Fruited Wheat Lager is smooth, drinkable, and decidedly tropical. We're keeping the specific fruit used in Paraiso quiet until closer to release, so stay tuned! Paraiso is lightly hopped with Galaxy hops. It will be released before September -- we'll keep you updated!