Early Summer Beer Releases

Summer has arrived, and it's bringing beers with it! Five brews are set to be released in the coming weeks -- four returning favorites, and one classic WSBC brew with a TWIST! 

Hickory Dickory Bock, West Side Wheat, Eclipser, and P.U.B. Lager are up along with Galaxy Green Thumb! "Wait, what?" you may be asking yourself. "I know about your session IPL Green Thumb, and I know that Galaxy hops as one of the hottest hops on the block these days...are you telling me that we get a session beer brewed with ALL GALAXY HOPS?" 

Yes, my friend, yes we are. Onto the descriptions!

Hickory Dickory Bock features a delicately sweet, malty, and strong flavor typical of bock beers, but with a twist! We lagered this beer on aged hickory, a wood that imparts notes of mesquite, marshmallow, and light smoke to this flavorful brew. A touch of Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops provide bittering balance. Smooth, clean, and flavorful! 5.5% abv, 16 IBUs. Available in July. 

Eclipser Chestnut Lager is built on a base of Pilsner malt, with coriander, toasted chestnuts, and Michigan wildflower honey rounding out the flavor profile of this complex and drinkable beer. Tettnanger hops provide a bitter foil to the delicate sweetness of this brew. 5.1% abv / 21 IBUs. Release date TBD. 

P.U.B. Lager, the drinkable, lightly malty beer we brew exclusively for Zingerman's Roadhouse, will be available in the Tap Room starting this summer! This style is based off of English pub ales -- easy-drinking, low-abv brews meant to be enjoyed by the pint. Our version is clean with malt sweetness and is balanced by Northern Brewer hops. 3.8% abv / 24 IBUs. 

Galaxy Green Thumb is a sweet riff off our our session IPL, Green Thumb. The difference? We hopped Galaxy Green Thumb exclusively with Galaxy hops. This Australian hop variety is much loved and obsessed over due to its extremely distinctive hop aroma -- it's sweet and hugely fragrant with strong notes of passionfruit and citrus. Abv and IBUs forthcoming, as is a release date. 

West Side Wheat is our wheat-tastic summer beer. Refreshing, bready, and very flavorful, this brew stays in demand from the moment it hits the draft lines to the moment it is, sadly, out for the year. It's oh-so-drinkable, with its bready wheat body complemented by Northern Brewer and Cascade hops. Release date TBD.