June Brew Releases - Bring on the Pilsners!

Nothing helps quench thirst during summer heat better than pilsners, and we've got two of 'em coming at you in the month of June: Hoppy favorite Zythgeist Zythos Pilsner makes its return to the draft list, followed by Bärenmarder German Pilsner! 

Zythgeist: Zythgeist is made with hundreds of pounds of Canadian Pils and rounded out with a touch of darker malt for color and depth of flavor. Where does that name come from, you may ask? Zythgeist is hopped exclusively with a ton of Zythos hops, which impart citrus notes and a hint of pine. It's all about celebrating the current moment and everything about it in the world of craft beer -- tip back a Zythgeist and see what makes it all so special.

Bärenmarder: This traditional German-style beer was made with a base of over 97% Pilsen malt with a touch of Melanoidin for color, which results in a light golden brew with plenty of clean, sweet, delicately malty flavor.

Bärenmarder was hopped with 100% German Tettnang hops. This hop variety imparts a mild herbal spiciness that works well with the delicate Pilsner base and lends our signature balance to this traditional style.

We named this brew Bärenmarder, which is one of the German words for our favorite ferocious mustelid, the wolverine.

Stay tuned for specific release dates!