Late Spring Beer Releases

Apart from a particularly depressing week of unseasonable cold, drizzle, and SNOW, for the love of GOD!, the cold is behind us, and we have made it to the other side of winter. It is now statistically nearly impossible for it to snow again. And it won' help us, it won't. April showers bring May flowers, and they also bring more spring beers. 

Cheap segue, we know. 

But here's the rundown! Next in line is Zythgeist Zythos Pilsner followed by Drag me to Helles Maibock and Verano Mexican-style Amber Lager. 

Drag me to Helles is our nod to the traditional German Maibock, a highly flavorful sign of spring. Historically, this beer was released in late April/early May and bridged the styles between traditional, lighter bocks and very malty doppelbocks. This beer is characterized by its spicy hop aroma and rich malt flavors -- refreshing, and perfect for the onset of spring. We brew our Maibock to hit the top end of color and hoppiness for the style, bringing you a complex and yet easy drinking German-style lager. We use all German malt and 100% German Hallertau hops. Available Friday, 4/29. 


Verano Mexican-style Lager is our signature summer beer -- an easy-drinking flavorful amber lager brewed in the style of traditional Mexican lagers. Very refreshing, and best enjoyed with a lime. Available in May!