Late Winter Draft Beer Releases

Three favorites return to the Tap Room lineup in time to see the demise of winter and the triumphant return (not that it ever really went away this year) of spring. Keep an eye on the draft board for Secret City Sticke Altbier, Faustian Stout Baltic Porter, and '38 Redemption Schwarzbier -- three distinct styles, each delicious in its own right. 

This is our second time brewing Secret City Sticke Altbier. At 5.2% abv, this style is stronger than its parent Altbier style. In fact, Sticke Alts are darker, richer, and stronger than typical altbiers. “Sticke,” German for “secret," historically refers to a batch of beer that a brewer over-malted and, in turn, over-hopped to make up for it. Remember, balance is key! This stronger, more flavorful brew would be high in demand, and word of its availability was passed from person to person as a secret. Being in the know made you a hot commodity, and it was something to be proud of! We'll share this one with you, though. Available soon!

Chase the rest of the winter chill away with Faustian Stout Baltic Porter, clocking in at 8.5% abv and 33 IBUs. This beer took gold at the 2015 World Expo of Beer! Don’t the let name confuse you. This Baltic porter – a style borrowing from Russian Imperial Stouts and Brown Porters – is rich and complex and yeah, it’s a lager, not a stout. We named ours after Faust, the literary character who traded his soul to the Devil to obtain knowledge and wealth. We made a similar deal to give this rich dark lager the devilishly roasty character it enjoys. The Faustian Stout combines malty sweetness with the aroma of dark, dried fruit, licorice, toffee, and caramel notes. With its higher abv and smooth finish,  this beer makes a great sipper. Available soon!

Last but certainly not least, we have '38 Redemption Schwarzbier. Beer Advocate describes this style as "soul lifting," and for good reason. '38 Redemption is a smooth, drinkable, light-bodied beer that is dark in color thanks to Black Prinz and Midnight Wheat malt additions. Roasty and crisp, it derives its distinct hop balance from three different varieties of German hops. It's named for the 1938 title fight rematch between American hero and all-around badass Joe Louis and the German champ Max Schmeling when, amidst the cultural and political hype, Louis defeated Schmeling by TKO in the first round. **NOW AVAILABLE**