Spring 2016 Beer Releases

With Quickhatch, Green Thumb, and Raucher now all up on the board, it's time to introduce the beers that will be released throughout the rest of spring! Secret City Sticke Altbier, 40 oz of Freedom Imperial Pilsner, Au Sable Rye IPL, and Zythgeist Zythos Pilsner will be released in the coming weeks, with Secret City and 40 oz of Freedom up first. All are returning players to the draft board -- you know them, you love them, and they're coming back! We'll also be releasing a brand-new brew called Cereza Rey, a Cherry Cream Stout Lager, in the coming weeks. Dark body, cherry notes, and a creamy mouthfeel. Delicious! Keep your eyes out for an exclusive post about it. Read on for upcoming beer descriptions: 

It's our second time brewing Secret City Sticke Altbier, a stronger, darker, more flavorful offshoot of its parent Altbier style. “Sticke,” German for “secret," historically refers to a batch of beer that a brewer over-malted and, in turn, over-hopped to make up for it. Remember, balance is key! This stronger, more flavorful brew would be high in demand, and word of its availability was passed from person to person as a secret. Being in the know made you a hot commodity, and it was something to be proud of! We'll share this one with you, though. Available soon!

40 oz of Freedom Imperial Pilsner, named for the Sublime album of a similar (not the same!) name, is a big whopper of crisp flavor with a big abv to match. Creating such a crisp beer with a higher abv requires a lot of attention during the lagering process, and it's all worth it -- 40 oz of Freedom is smooth and clean with a spicy Pils bite from all Saaz hops. Perfect for cooling down on a hot day (if we ever actually get one of those) or enjoying around a fire. 

Au Sable Rye Pale Lager (or RyePL, which just seems to roll right off the tongue) is a favorite around here. Made with a spicy rye base, this beer is balanced, smooth, and bursting with citrussy hop flavors from Columbs, Cascade, Warrior, and Falconer's Flight hops. When Au Sable comes around, you know warm weather isn't far behind. 5.5% abv / 59 IBUs. 





Zythgeist Zythos Pilsner is another hoppy favorite. Zythgeist is made with hundreds of pounds of Canadian Pils and rounded out with a touch of darker malt for color and depth of flavor. Where does that name come from, you may ask? Zythgeist is hopped exclusively with a ton of Zythos hops, which impart citrus notes and a hint of pine. It's all about celebrating the current moment and everything about it in the world of craft beer -- tip back a Zythgeist and see what makes it all so special. 5.7% abv / 46 IBUs.