74 IBU / 6.8% ABV

Availability: winter

The Revilo India Red Lager is a unique lager in that is full of character malts that range from dark crystal malts, to splashes of roasted malts.  It is dry-hopped extensively to give a finishing hop profile that pleasantly doesn’t let go.

The Revilo is defined by its rich garnet color with copper undertones, and the balance between hops and malt.  We make Revilo with a large amount of caramel malts that do exactly what they sound like, add caramel, toffee, sugar-y, and raisin notes to the malt profile of the beer.  

We don’t use the same citrusy, piney, fruity hop program like we do for the Gulo Gulo IPL.  Instead we use a combination of German Noble hops, American grown Noble-variety hops, and then we finish Revilo off with American citrus hops by dry-hopping in the fermenters with over 2# per barrel of hops.  This gives the Revilo a nice spicy and dank hop aroma and flavor that balances with the caramel malt backbone.


  • Pislner
  • Flaked Corn
  • 120L
  • Vienna
  • 80L


  • Chinook
  • US Saaz
  • Hallertau Mittellfreuh
  • Cascade
  • Tettnang