19 IBU / 5.5% ABV

First brewed in 2015, Raucher (rauw-kuh) is an original interpretation of the Classic Rauchbier style or smoked beer from Bamberg, Germany. All the different Rauchbier breweries in Bamberg produce a distinct kind of smoked beer. This inspired Brewmaster Oliver Roberts to craft his own Rauchbier with the goal to create an approachable smoked beer that was flavorful, balanced, with a smoke profile that doesn’t overpower the drinker’s palate.

Using Beechwood Smoked Malt from Germany called “Rauchmalz” as the base, plus a blend of two other German malts, a helping of Honey Malt for a balancing sweetness, and 100% German Noble hops, Raucher is a truly world-class beer.

The World Beer Cup℠ takes place every two years as a part of the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo AmericaⓇ. This year, over 1,900 breweries entered beers into competition. Of the 6,600 beers entered, 287 were awarded medals. Wolverine State’s medal was one of only five medals awarded to Michigan breweries.


  • Beechwood Smoked Malt
  • Munich
  • Vienna
  • Honey Malt
  • Roasted Barley


  • Hallertau Mittellfreuh