drag me to helles

24 IBU / 6.7% ABV

Availability: spring

We release our Drag Me To Helles - Helles Bock or “Pale Bock” at the beginning of May every year. Even though the ABV sits at 6.7%, this Helles Bock is a very refreshing lager beer! Perfect for the warmer weather of spring leading into summer. Brewed to celebrate the onset of the warmer months, and give us liquid sustenance as we begin to work our way out to our gardens and fields.  
We brew this Helles Bock with 100% German Malt and hops to get the most authentic profile we can.  This brew has a sweet nose of malt with a smidge of spicy hop aroma.  The flavor in Drag Me To Helles is a beautiful representation of German malts that create a lager with smooth hints of toast and bread flavors, that leave you coming back for more.


  • Pilsner
  • Munich Light
  • Gold LME



  • Hallertau
  • Tettnang