double fisted

18 IBU / 7% ABV

The first Doppelbock we ever made at Wolverine was the Double Fisted. It is a simple and straightforward German-style lager that focuses on the meat of all beers, the malt. Crafted with Dark Munich malt and Vienna malt and combined with a little bit of roasted malt for color and depth, this is a hefty but very approachable Doppelbock.

Brewed to have the flavors and body of a Doppelbock with a much higher alcohol content but a little bit lower with the booze to make having a second one, a great idea.

Deep, silky-smooth richness with dried fruit and a soft finish that does not cloy at all. Double Fisted will hit you right where you want it to.


  • Munich Dark
  • Vienna
  • Amber LME
  • Dark LME


  • Magnum
  • Tettnang