tap release

Czech Pilsner Returns

Another beer that hasn’t graced the tanks of Wolverine for a couple of years has returned! Why wouldn’t we brew this remarkably authentic version of a Czech-style Pils every year? It ain’t easy, and this type of beer shouldn’t be made unless it’s done right.

How do we get it right, you ask? We produce a batch of filtered, softened water, around 750 gallons, and blend it with local Ann Arbor water to get the perfect mixture of minerals and hardness. This significant component along with using Czech Saaz hops, and traditional German barley malt are key to getting the hops profile just right.

Herbal, spicy hop aroma, flavor, and bitterness all need to balance just right with the delicate pilsner malt to create a traditional experience. The lagering is carefully monitored with this beer so as to let the yeast clean up the beer at just the right near-freezing temperature. We are really proud to serve up this beer again. Get it while you can, who knows when we’ll brew it again!