The...Belgians are Coming!

Oliver contemplating Carcajou's flavor profile. Beer in hand = necessary. 

Oliver contemplating Carcajou's flavor profile. Beer in hand = necessary. 

We've got three Belgian treats coming for ya, and we ain't talking about chocolate. Say hello to Carcajou Belgian-style Rye Lager, Grand CruZ Belgian Dark Strong Lager, and Carnivora Belgian-style IPL --  perfect examples of the different territories of lager we explore at Wolverine State. 

All three are returning players to the Wolverine State lineup, and releases will be staggered over the next month. First up is Carcajou, releasing Friday, January 8th. You've experienced Carcajou's spicy rye and delicate Belgian character before, but this year, we changed it up a bit by aging it briefly in white wine barrels formerly occupied by current on-draft favorite "Vers l'avant." The barrels successfully imparted some tart white wine notes, amplifying the Belgian character of the beer, adding even more complexity to this already delicious brew. As Brewmaster Oliver Roberts says, it's got "farmouse appeal." 6% abv / 63 IBUs.  

Grand CruZ Belgian Dark Strong Lager is a heavy-hitter -- the perfect warmer in the winter months. With a mahogany-colored body, delicate Belgian esters on the nose, and balancing hoppy notes, Grand CruZ remains a beautiful, complex example of hybrid beers at Wolverine State. Releasing in January 2016. 7.9% abv / 23 IBUs. ** NOW AVAILABLE **

Finally, we have Carnivora Belgian-style IPL. Belgian esters and fierce hops greet the palate for a ferociously delicious combo. Clocking in at more than 8% abv, Carnivora will warm you up and leave you wanting more. Releasing late January 2016.  8.4% abv / 77 IBUs.