Wolrd Expo of Beer

This is where we thank our fans, family and beer Gods!

The judges at the world expo of beer have spoken and deemed Wolverine State Brewing Co. a seven ( yes 7 ) medal winner at the 2018 World Expo of Beer. The winners list in it's entirety can be found by following the link to the Michigan Beer Guide . But for those of you that just want to know what your favorite brewery did we've created a brief overview of our medals, categories and beers. Check it out below! 

International Lager - 🥈 - Wolverine Premium Lager

Pale Malty European - 🥉 - Drag Me To Helles

Amber Malty European - 🥇🥈🥉 (A Category Sweep!)
Shlammah , Raucher , District 16

Smoked Beers - 🥇- Raucher

Specialties - 🥈- Barista

Cheers 🍻