2017 Oktoberfest

It seems insane to say it, but it's that glorious time: Oktoberfest!! You'd expect an all-lager microbrewery to make a bangin' traditional German-style lager, and your expectations would be right. We pride ourselves on the smooth, malty balance of this fall fest favorite. Turns out, lots of other people expected the same thing -- we (gladly) had to make twice as much Oktoberfest this year as we ever have in any previous year. Find it on draft in all our territories, and if you're in the Frankenmuth area, stop by Zehnder's - they made our Oktoberfest their OFFICIAL Oktoberfest of the 2017 season! 

It'll be on in the Tap Room, too...and it goes pretty insanely well with our hot pub pretzels. Get it now on draft in the taproom!