It's Really Happening: Six-Packs of Barista are NOW AVAILABLE!

Today is a big day: it marks the first official bottling of Barista Cold-Brew Coffee Lager! This brew, which is everyone's favorite way to start a Monday, will be available in six-packs in ALL territories starting in the coming weeks. 

Barista Cold-Brew Coffee Lager is made from our smooth, rich brown lager base and locally roasted coffee beans (WE LOVE ROOSROAST). We push the finished brown lager through freshly ground beans in our Aroma Infusion Chamber for 72 hours until they cold-brew their way into Barista. Rich, chocolatey, toasty, smooth, and drinkable, this is a coffee (and beer!) lover's dream. For more information on where to find Barista, please contact or check in your local bottle shops!