New Flagship Packaging

You may have heard some chatter about our new packaging. We're here to tell you that it's ALL TRUE! Except the part about the...well, never mind. You can decide what's true and what's not. 

But here are the facts! Our flagship line, composed of Wolverine Premium Lager, Gulo Gulo India Pale Lager, and District 16 Amber Lager got a facelift, and we're so excited to put it out to market in the coming weeks. 

The project's aim was to bring all three brands into a cohesive line. We accomplished this by utilizing unifying details like the branded black logo slash across the top of each carrier, which is mirrored on the individual labels, and standardized placement of beer name and style.

Each brand features an individual image that reflects the beer's personality. 

Wolverine Premium, billed as Michigan's Premium Lager, features a simple design of the state of Michigan along with a background of pine trees. This design reflects the classic, simple nature of the brew within; Wolverine Premium is a smooth, crisp, drinkable, no-frills lager perfect for bringing to parties, tailgating with, or tipping back after a long day of hard work.

District 16 Amber Lager, formerly known and packaged as Wolverine Amber Lager, features a brewer taking a sample out of a fermenting vat. This peek into the daily work of brewing reflects the name of the beer: Vienna's District 16, aka Ottakring, contains the last large brewery in Vienna, a city that pioneered lager brewing. We are proud to help carry on the name and pay homage to the grit and hard work that forms the history behind our Vienna-style Amber Lager. 

Gulo Gulo IPL features a ferocious image of a wolverine, which in Latin is known as Gulo gulo. The image was shot by photographer Paul Sangeorzan and was featured in National Geographic. The story behind the photographer, the image, and the way we obtained it deserves its own post, and will get one! So keep your eyes peeled. 

While the carriers and labels are completely refreshed, certain elements tie the rebrand to the history of the brewery. All three brands maintained their original color schemes -- yellow for Wolverine Premium, burnt orange for District 16, and green for Gulo Gulo -- and the claw mark remains consistent in all packaging, past and present. 

Look for our new packaging on shelves in the coming weeks. 

Massacre Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Dark Lager was also updated to reflect the new line of packaging. We will debut that design in the next week as we get closer to bottling this year's batch of Massacre, 

In the next several months, we will be debuting a seasonal program of bottled offerings. We will also put two new year-round bottled brands out into the market. We will announce those upcoming offerings at a future date, but draft favorites like Barista and Oktoberfest are included in the conversation.

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