Summer Tap Room Features

Summertime, and the drinkin's easy... ;)

In addition to everyone's favorite Mexican-style Amber Lager (we're referring to Verano here, in case you were wondering), we're celebrating pilsners and do-gooders this summer! Verano, June's Beer of the Month, is an easy-drinking, low abv brew that is perfect with a wedge of lime on a hot summer day. Available all summer, so grab a growler and a lime and hit your back deck! 

Your summer do-gooder is, of course, Five Shores Blonde Lager. This Michigan-dry-hopped sunshiny brew is utterly drinkable and smooth. The best part? A portion of the proceeds of Five Shores Blonde goes to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an organization that works to protect, promote, and sustain the Great Lakes and surrounding ecosystem. To learn more about the org, visit 

Last but not least, pilsners! Barenmarder German-style Pilsner is a clean, smooth, drinkable, sparky brew. Want something with a little more hoppy oomph? Grab a pint of Zythgeist Zythos Pilsner, hopped with all Zythos hops. Deliciously hoppy yet ultra drinkable. 

Happy summer! Get yourself a cold one and celebrate.