Team #RunWolvBrew Guest Post: Run Free or Die!

Run Free or Die! 

As the weeks tick away and the DXA2 10K grows nearer for the #RunWolvBrew crew, I (Albino Rhino) found myself looking for some motivation after a long indulgent birthday week. I started by asking my adorable wife for some motivation. Her sharp motherly response was “I told you all those Gulos wouldn’t help your training.” With the tail tucked between the legs (and a beer gut growing by the second), I turned to the only place that I know that always tells the truth….the internet. I quickly found something.

We are all balancing our everyday work and family while trying to find time to train. Many of us are saying “I’m fine” and “don’t worry, everything is okay,” but I am feeling the darker side of the message. I know I am not really dying, but some runs feel that way – for all of us. Body aches, sore muscles, and other things I won’t discuss here are taking their toll. Many of us are not natural runners or as strong mentally as Abomb and Kankles. But we are doing our best to push forward and trying to stick to our training schedules. With less than six weeks to go, our mission is clear – despite the fact that it was hatched from the emboldened bravery that occurs when friends share a few beers. This fitness quest has reminded me the importance of “the team” – the constant communication amongst friends and the updates we provide each other. We are testing each other’s work ethic in an encouraging way – pushing each other to do a little better. And our goal to raise some money for a good friend and his family motivates us all. 


ALBINO RHINO - The mental side of moving my body past the three-mile mark seems to be the most challenging aspect for me now.  I have confidence that with the team’s words of wisdom over the next five weeks, I will be able to reach my personal goal….avoiding a trip to the ER!   

KANKLES  - Newest training regiment includes pushing my five month old in a jogging stroller. Hills are harder but her little smile is an unbelievable motivator. Not to mention it is a great way to get her to nap, and since you never wake a sleeping baby, my jogs are getting longer.

A-BOMB - Currently on track per the training calendar.  Researching new methods of motivation for the team including shock collars.  And looking forward to even nicer weather to enjoy training and some ice cold Gulo. 

KLEINBIRD - Trying to squeeze training in when I can. Moving, co-parenting, and wife starting a new job have severely limited available time to do so. But I've been keeping active when and where I can and I've been more conscientious of what I eat. Hopefully when things settle down in the next couple weeks I can really focus on what I need to do.

BURGER - I have been slacking on my training only running a couple of times a week.  I seem to be staying steady at the 1.5 mile mark and consistently running a 10 minute mile.  Usually my motivation is a fresh cold one afterwards.  After last year's 10k, I forgot how much I hate running.  I need to step it up!

Beef’s Status Update:  So it's official: I hate running.  I've abandoned the training schedule that Coach Abomb suggested, instead going with the more conventional, "run until my legs give out" approach.  Every run is a struggle, both the motivation to do it and the act itself.  I press on though, knowing my suffering is temporary and my salvation is at the bottom of two Gulos.

Ninja:  I am in VEGAS!!!! Will update status upon return...if my liver can make it!