Driveway & Parking Lot Resurface

Hi, friends! 

Good news: the driveway and parking lot are getting resurfaced!!

Here’s the rundown: 

On Monday 4/18, both the alley between Advance Auto Parts and Advantage and the main driveway leading up to the brewery (Comerica entrance) will be torn up. There will be an inch or so of drop between areas being resurfaced and areas not, so though you are able to drive on it, exercise caution when doing so! 

On Tuesday 4/19, the main driveway leading up to the brewery (Comerica entrance onward) will be resurfaced first, followed by the alley between Advance and Advantage. Please refrain from using the alley to access the brewery parking lot as it will still be wet. The main driveway will be available for use by the time we open on Tuesday (4 pm).