Get to Know the Team: #RunWolvBrew

Motivational Drinking

Building the pyramids, setting sail for the new world, landing on the moon: all courageous and bold endeavors devised over a glass of beer. Okay, there may not be proof that beer was present when those game-changing decisions were made, but I challenge anyone reading this to claim that they've never been inspired to do something great over a pint. This blog entry is written on behalf of a group of friends who fall into that category, at least in our own minds. 

It was unseasonably cold and pouring rain as we waited at the starting line of the 2015 Dexter Ann Arbor run. By the time the finish line was visible on the horizon of Main Street, each soggy stride felt like self-­inflicted water torture. Finishing was a blur, the obligatory medal was nice, but it was the Wolverine beer tent that offered the shelter and sustenance our bodies needed. It was there that the full glory of our accomplishment came into focus. So it was only 10K, but we felt like gods. In that moment, a celebratory cheers sealed our commitment to come back for an encore performance. Since then, more friends have joined the team; new motivations are driving our goals, and a new idea is in the works ­ an idea that came into focus over a beer at the brewery.

Each member of team RunWolvBrew has our individual reasons to run. For some, it's to be a role model for our kids. For others, it's a chance to continue a friendly game of one­upmanship that began on the playground. All of us feel good about the camaraderie and health benefits, but the hope is that the RunWolvBrew 10k team will continue to grow and evolve into something greater than the sum of its parts. We want to make the Dexter Ann Arbor Run an opportunity to support charitable causes that benefit the friends, families and surrounding community of Wolverine State Brewing Co. This year, we're just trying to get our grand plan off the starting block. We know it's going to take endurance to go the distance, but we look forward the friendships and the beers we'll enjoy along the way. 

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