Raucher Awarded GABF Gold

On Saturday, October 8th, the same day as our #2016Massacre release party, we got some awesome news: Raucher, our smoked lager, was awarded a gold medal in the smoke beer category at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. This is the brewery's -- and Raucher's -- second award on the national/international level; Raucher received a bronze medal from the World Beer Cup in May of 2016. 

Needless to say, we were absolutely thrilled! Smoke beers are challenging and rewarding to make. The trick is to strike the perfect balance between malty sweetness, hop bitterness, and phenolic smokiness. Too smoky, and it tastes like you're drinking a ham smoothie. Too hoppy or malty, and what's even the point of putting in smoke? It could taste like a mistake; a background note that didn't get struck hard enough. But when you hit that Goldilocks level of balance (really, that's our goal with every beer we make), you make for some happy beer drinkers. And, evidently, some happy beer judges! 

Raucher earned one of ten medals awarded to Michigan breweries and one of only two gold medals in the state. It is currently available on draft in the Tap Room and will also travel with us to the upcoming Detroit Fall Beer Fest, October 21-22, in Detroit's Eastern Market. 

For more information on the brewery, including a draft of the official press release and logos for use online, please visit our Media Resources page.