Love is in the air! Wait, that's just the smoker...

Or is it?! Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year -- kinda lame, yes, but that means you've got a whole weekend to celebrate loving someone special: your partner, your dog, yourself! Whatever and whomever you're celebrating, we hope you make your way to Wolverine State for some great beer, great food, and great company. 

As usual, Revilo, our India Red Lager, will be February's Beer of the Month, and you can get your hands on that for a special price all Valentine's Day weekend! 15-oz pours are only $3, so buy one for your sweetie. 

And don't even get us started on food specials. Ever had a hot date with a chicken? Well, you're about to. "Hot Date with a Chicken" is on the menu -- an entree for two! Dates, apricots, and cayenne combine as the filling for tender smoked chicken breast. 

For dessert, we'll have a plate to split with your honey (or to keep to yourself -- please, we're the last people to judge). Chocolate-covered strawberries will be served alongside special cookies from the People's Food Co-op! You already love their sea salt chocolate chip cookies that we sell in the Tap Room -- just wait until you try these goodies! 

We're also bringing in a local acoustic artist to play some tunes on Saturday evening! We'll keep you posted with more information as the weekend draws nearer. 

We hope you'll share the love with us on Valentine's Day weekend! With Revilo on special, delicious chicken, and fabulous chocolate on the menu, how can you not?!