The DME: P.U.B. Lager and Zingerman’s Roadhouse

You may recognize the fine fellows in the image as Dave Newsted and Marty Hueter, perennially fantastic bartenders at Wolverine State Brewing Co. You may also recognize them as two separate parts of a greater whole: The Dave and Marty Experience, or the DME. For the last year or so, Dave and Marty have been creating small-batch lagers using the brewery’s 1o-gallon pilot brewing system. After much care and attention to fermentation and conditioning, they release these select batches on certain Sundays. You may recognize “We Blue It!”, “Chest Fest,” and the “P.U.B. Lager” as a few of these releases.

Well friends, the P.U.B. Lager is all grown up. Now an exclusive draft at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, the P.U.B. Lager, or “People’s Utility Beverage,” is Dave and Marty’s first lager to move beyond the hallowed walls of Wolverine State. Dave and Marty worked with Brewmaster Oliver to adapt the P.U.B. Lager recipe to a full-size batch, and the rest is history. Curious about this brew? Read on!

Where did the inspiration for the P.U.B. Lager come from? 

MH: The inspiration came from a beer that we had enjoyed on tap at Zingerman’s called Sprecher’s Pub Ale. When asked what beer he’d choose if it was the only beer available, Dave’s answer was Sprecher’s. Wolverine State is known as being the Home of the Lager Revolution, so naturally we started thinking of ways to make a lager version that was comparable.

How did the relationship with the Roadhouse begin? When did the idea for an exclusive draft option come about? 

DN: Ann Arbor is a big town, but it has a small town feel in the way that bartenders support each other, so we have a really great relationship with quite a few of those who tend the bar at Zingermans. It was actually a really cool organic process of finding out that Sprecher’s was no longer on tap, us relaying to the Zingers our idea to create a lager version of it, us creating it, their bar manager coming in and enjoying it, it getting approved for that well known Zingerman’s quality standard, and our own master brewer Oliver full size batching it, and the rest is history!

What’s special about the P.U.B. Lager recipe? 

MH/DN: What’s special about this beer is first and foremost the simple fact that two guys who really enjoy the craft of brewing got an awesome opportunity to create a beer that seems to be getting enjoyed by our followers and the locals, and that’s pretty fantastic. We’re lucky to work for a company that encourages us to pursue our passions and also gives us the space and time to do it. What’s special about the P.U.B. Lager itself is that we brought to life a spin of the classic English Pub Ale in lager form, and were able to balance out giving it a light body and a formidable malt flavor. We’re pretty proud of that!

Tell us about the D.M.E.!

MH/DN: The D.M.E., oh man what can we actually say about this? We suppose the best way to describe the The Dave and Marty Experience would be to say that all of our brew sessions end up playing out something like an episode of I Love Lucy. Imagine two men who are heterosexual life partners with two very distinct personalities, and when those forces combine, they tend to result in a little bit of hysterical madness and mayhem. All of which becomes the very core of each brew.

What’s the next step for the D.M.E.?

MH/DN: What’s coming for us is that we’ve got an Eisbock creation in our sights, along with some ideas for a new porter and pilsner as well. As for what we’re looking forward to, that’s simple…We just want to produce really good beer for all of our fellow beer lovers, and maybe even the day that we can have one brew session that doesn’t result in Ricky & Lucy sleeping in separate beds, if you know what we mean.

Want more? We’ll let you know when the D.M.E. releases their next small-batch creation! Until then, head over to Zingerman’s Roadhouse for a taste of the P.U.B. Lager.