Winter Beer Fest Mini Tasting Series!

Snow is falling, big blankets are the coolest accessories, and the smallest glimpse of the sun is enough to remind us that warmer days lie ahead…

It must be Winter Beer Fest time! For two days at the end of February, we embrace all that is frosty and great! Big beers, big jackets, and big beards will abound, and we’re starting the party early!

Three of the beers we’re bringing to Winter Beer Fest — Carcajou Belgian-style Rye Lager, Kurios Black Belgian Stout Lager aged on MI tart cherries, and High ‘N Dry Rye Pilsner — will each have a week to shine. From Wednesday-Sunday, starting January 28, one beer a week will be featured with a small tasting accompaniment to bring forth delicious subtleties in each of these very unique and delicious lagers. Sometimes, all it takes is a bite of chocolate, a whiff of smoked meat, or a taste of fruit to unleash flavors you never would have expected!

This all culminates on Friday, February 20, with a flight of all three featured beers accompanied by a special appetizer plate.

Check our facebook and twitter for updates on which beers we’ll be featuring, and what the small tasting accompaniment will be for each brew!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20: Pairing plate will consist of smoked North Atlantic salmon w/ remoulade (Carcajou), a wedge of Gruyere cheese (High ‘n Dry Rye Pilsner), and pork (Faustian Stout Baltic Porter)!

It’s Winter Beer Fest Time! Get excited!!