Not (Just) Another Pumpkin Beer – This Weekend at Wolverine State

It’s pumpkin season, b*tches. Everywhere we turn, we see pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin shampoo, pumpkin-flavored popcorn/tea/air freshener/cookies/toilet paper. The Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer featured FIVE WHOLE PAGES of nothing but pumpkin products. We are surrounded by pumpkinsanity — so let’s drink about it. 

Here at Wolverine State Brewing Co., we’re sticking with just one pumpkin-enriched item: our Cucurbita Smiles spiced pumpkin lager. We make it with pure American pumpkin puree, Saigon cinnamon, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, nutmeg, and a touch of brown sugar for some roasty sweetness. Cucurbita Smiles makes its appearance in the first week of October each year, and in the second week, we do something kind of weird with it. 

If you consider pouring pumpkin beer out of a pumpkin weird, that is. Which we don’t.

This year, it’s double the pleasure, double the fun! We’re pouring Cucurbita Smiles out of not one but TWO pumpkins! Better yet, each pumpkin will feature its own special ingredient addition. Cocoa nibs will give a punch of chocolately roast to one, and pure Michigan maple syrup will add a note of rich sweetness to the other. Limited quantities, limited time pour! This Friday, October 9th ONLY!

The D.M.E. pilot lager release has been moved to NEXT Sunday, 10/18! Still keep your eyes peeled for a blog post all about the D.M.E., aka the Dave and Marty Experience.

This Saturday, the Wolverines face Northwestern for Homecoming. Bring yer college buddies around to Wolverine State for $2 pours of Premium during the game and the best pulled pork nachos this side of…well, of Lake Erie. They’re good nachos. The game’s at 3:30, so swing by afterward to wait out the traffic! Did we mention free parking! GO BLUE!

That’s all, folks. If you don’t see us around here, we’ll be up at the Chelsea Smoke and Ale Festival drinking beer and tearing into some BBQ on Saturday.