Gulo Cubed

-Imperial India Pale Lager–

9.0% abv / 90+ ibu

First thing to note about Gulo Cubed, it is hopped at a rate of 7 lbs. per barrel…this is ridiculous and completely awesome at the same time. It’s a total of 50 lbs of hops for the whole batch which we could only do a 7 bbl batch of because we would not be able to get the Original Gravity we want doing a full 10 bbl batch. 30 lbs. of the hops were used in the brew and 20 lbs. were used in dry-hopping.

We took the Gulo malt recipe and blew it up to hit a an Original Gravity of 1.090 (Gulo Gulo is 1.062).

This year we used a couple different hops, instead of Chinook which is a big hop in the Gulo Gulo, we used a blend of Galena and Cluster in place of the Chinook. Galena and Cluster are two of the original craft beer American hop varieties and are used way less than in the past with so many new trendy hops out there. I used “90+” IBU’s because we calculated that there was going to be 114 IBU’s but some would argue that it is impossible to get that amount of bitterness into the beer.

Although this beer seems like it should slaughter your palate with bitterness it is in fact very balanced, and much of the hop character comes through in the flavor and aroma. The bitterness is still there but the huge malt profile works perfectly with the copious amount of hops.

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