Earth MONTH at Wolverine State

We can think of about fifty reasons of the tops of our heads why we love our gorgeous planet Earth. Ranking pretty high up on that list are water, grain, and hops, if you catch our drift!

There is no better month than April to give back to the planet! After all, Earth Day is celebrating its 45th anniversary this April 22nd. In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re celebrating Earth Day all month long!

A few perks for those of you who visit our Tap Room: Enjoy a dollar off a growler fill-up when you reuse your own, and enjoy a dollar off your first beer when you walk or bike to the Tap Room!

As those of you who receive our newsletter know, we’re officially kicking off a relationship with Alliance for the Great Lakes, an organization that protects, creates legislation for, cleans up, and all-around LOVES our beautiful Great Lakes. This month, we’re brewing Five Shores Blonde Lager, a blonde common, which will be available in June. The proceeds of each beer sold go towards our donation goal of at least $2,00o to the organization!

Wolverine State keeps the spirit of giving back to the planet all year long! All plates, forks, knives, and spoons we use in the Tap Room are 100% compostable — always have been, always will be. And all that spent grain? Local farmers pick it up to use on their land. This month, we’re kicking bottled water to the curb and replacing it with a self-serve dispenser in the Tap Room. And, stay tuned: This year, the kitchen at Wolverine State is getting its hands in some dirt! We’ll be cultivating herbs from our very own community garden. Updates coming soon!

Looking for a few simple ways to give back to our kickass planet this month? Check out the list! (Many of these have added money-saving benefits, too!)

1. Bring your own bags to the grocery store (Use paper bags if you forget — just step away from the plastic bags!)
2. Avoid using products that contain microbeads — these mini plastic particles wash down into the Great Lakes and are a health hazard for wildlife and the ecosystem in general.
3. Replace a few commutes a week with riding your bike, if possible.
4. Take advantage of Washtenaw County’s numerous Farmers Markets
5. Invest in a reusable water bottle and join us in kicking bottled water to the curb!
6. Water your plants using water collected in a rain barrel
7. Drink local! 
8. Try a Meatless Monday or eat a little bit less red meat
9. Use reusable containers instead of plastic bags and wraps
10. Turn out the lights when you leave a room and unplug chargers when not in use

Do you have any other simple ways in mind to give back to the Earth this month? How do you party for the planet? Send ideas to!