Brewers' Notes for August's BotM: Au Sable RyePL

Au Sable

–Rye India Pale Lager–

6.2% abv / 55 ibu

This Rye India Pale Lager or “RyePL” is named for the Au Sable River and the Sable which is in the same family as the Wolverine.  This year we employed the same Slurry Dry-Hop method we use on the Gulo IPL to give it a nice, big citrusy American hop aroma.

We brewed Au Sable with a blend of three different Canadian base malts and over 20% Rye Malt.  The use of rye will give the lager a nice spicy character and bite that plays well with the hops.  We hopped Au Sable with Warrior which lends sturdy bitterness with mild hop flavor,Falconer’s Flight which is a blend of American hops, then rounded out the hop aroma in the Brewhouse with Cascade & Chinook which are the two main hops in Gulo IPL.

The big change we made to the Au Sable this year was the Slurry Dry-Hop.  To the tune of 2.2# of Summit hops PER barrel of beer!  This is a lot!  Summit hops are sometimes characterized as having an overwhelming onion, garlic-y profile which we did not get any of in using Summit.

We are working on bringing a larger, more poignant hop aroma to our hoppy lagers by using A LOT more hops in the dry-hopping process.  This year’s Au Sable has tight, edgy hop bouquet that is lemony, a bit of orange character, and a distinct “essence of hops” profile.  This essence we get is becoming something we are finding typical of our dry-hopping methods and we are proud to showcase the American hop varieties this way.