Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2014 Wrap-Up

It was two days of insanely beautiful weather, delicious beer, and impressive facial hair in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Detroit Fall Beer Fest 2014, we loved you. Enthusiast Hour kicked off at four p.m. on Friday, and we were ready with 13 brews, including a 1/6 bbl of Oktoberfest — the LAST of our Oktoberfest until next September — and a 1/4 bbl of Massacre. Guile 500, our Imperial Stout Lager (and also our 500th batch), was a big hit, as was Barista, our coffee lager. With the cooler weather and the changing seasons, bigger beers spoke to us. And, apparently, to everyone else — it seemed as if we were filling every other cup with either Gulo Cubed, Double Fisted, Cucurbita Smiles, or Revilo.

Saturday rolled around and brought the sun with it. We had all stayed up late the night before soaking in the city and grabbing some eats in the area surrounding Eastern Market, so we took our time getting organized and getting everything ready to go on Saturday morning. As soon as we hit the festival, we could feel the energy. Everyone was ready to welcome the already-growing crowd waiting outside the gates, and we were all thrilled about the Bloody Mary bar in the brewery staff hospitality tent. The clock struck one, and the masses poured in — and we poured the good stuff all day long.

Palate of Milford once again kicked ass with catering for the brewery staff hospitality tent — omelettes on Saturday morning, delicious sausages to tide everyone over after breakdown on Saturday night, and sandwiches with all the fixings at every point in between. Add the 13 or so taps inside another area of the tent, and you’ve got a bunch of happy brewers and staff!

Beer Fest always reminds us why we love what we do so much — the camaraderie and energy of the crowd is indescribable, and being in the company of creative, passionate people who love our state and the great beer we all produce makes every mile we travel, every zip tie we pull, and every sign we put up so, so worth it. Cheers!

P.S. We’ve got one more fall celebration up our sleeves — come into the tap room for Massacre on draft on Halloween (THIS FRIDAY!!). We’re serving smoked pork tenderloin medallions topped with a Michigan maple syrup dressing, with fingerling potatoes and an arugula salad on the side. Costumes are highly encouraged. See you there!