Winter Lager

It seems as if last winter JUST ended, and already it’s time to bust out the flannel shirts and thick socks again. But this year, that’s not a bad thing. We’re ready for you, Old Man Winter. We’ve seen what you can do, and now, we’re ready to tuck in and celebrate whatever you have in store.

The best thing about winter is, obviously, the return of winter beers. We brew our seasonal Bock, Wolverine Winter Lager, with dark German wheat malt, dark Munich malt, a dark crystal malt, and a specially-roasted malt from the U.S. Coupled with both German noble hops and Northwest American hops, this beer is as deep and comforting as a fireside couch and as complex as a winter day in Michigan (60 degrees in the morning, two feet of snow by nightfall…)

Malty on the nose, our Winter Lager greets the eye with a comforting toasted toffee tone. The rounded mouthfeel gives way to complexly malty layers with just a hint of sparky hoppiness in its smooth finish. At 6.5% abv, this lager is as warming as it is comforting — perfect for those chilly nights while Old Man Winter rages outside. He’s just mad because he can’t get his frosty hands on any Winter Lager…