West Side Wheat Returns

West Side Wheat

6.2% ABV   /    18 IBUs

West Side Wheat is named for the west side of Ann Arbor where WSBC is located.  This part of the city is known for its laid-back, homegrown, community-proud mindset.  West Side Wheat is a no-frills wheat lager brewed with copious amounts of wheat malt, a generous helping of fruity Munich malt, and a dash of caramel malt.  We then round it out with citrusy American hops and some herbally English hops.

West Side Wheat is fermented at cold temperatures and lagered for 5 weeks at near freezing temperatures to accentuate the smooth, wheat flavors, and let the hops meld to give this exceptionally balanced beer its laid back hop finish.  West Side Wheat is a deep, burnt-orange hue with a warming, wheat haze reminiscent of the waning sunny, summer sky at dusk. The aroma is a blend of soft malt and earthy hops.  Wheat malt character abounds in both the flavor and medium body creating a very unique and memorable summer wheat lager to enjoy on a hot day or next to a roaring bonfire.