Secret City Sticke Altbier

What the hell is a “Sticke Altbier?” Around here, it’s both a style and a proclamation: “SHHHHHHTICKUH AULT!” can be heard resonating through the brewery whenever the mood strikes. The shout is a stress reliever, a mood lightener, and an all-around sparky pick-me-up, much like this dark reddish-amber brew. At around 5.3% abv, this style is stronger than its parent Altbier style. Sticke Alt is darker, stronger, and richer than a typical altbier. “Sticke” is translated to  “secret” in English, and it historically refers to batch of beer that a brewer accidentally over-malted and, in turn, over-hopped to make up for it. This stronger, more flavorful brew would be high in demand, and word of its availability was passed from person to person as a secret. Being in the know made you a hot commodity, and it was something to be proud of!

Grab one and savor its smoothness and hop-bitey lingering notes, and decide for yourself if you can keep it a secret…releasing 2/13 or 2/14, just in time for Valentine’s Day 2015. Cheers!