MomoShoga Rye Lager

Releases this Friday, November 21!

Momo. Shoga. MomoShoga. MOMOSHOGA! In all caps, as it should be. This rye-based lager was brewed with freshly-grated ginger and Citra hops before being aged on fresh, sliced-n-diced-by-hand Michigan peaches.

Ginger greets the nose with a background hint of peach, and the flavor of this bright, golden brew rolls across the palate with a delicate rush of ginger and the grapefruity goodness of Citra hops. A subtle peach hint rounds out the flavor profile.

Say it with me now: Mo-mo-show-guh. In other words: your new favorite brew. Kick that winter chill aside with this bright, flavorful brew. Releases Friday, November 21.