Raucher Bamberg-style Smoked Beer

5.1%  abv / 25 IBUs

Releases Wednesday, July 8

This classic style of German smoked lager was built on a base of nearly 400 lbs of German beechwood smoked malt with Munich, Honey, Vienna, and barley malts rounding out the bill of this light brown brew. A very delicate aroma of smoke, malt, and hops greet the nose, an aroma which gently intensifies with the first sip. The glowing ember of lightly smoky flavor travels across the palate, with delicate hop notes courtesy of German Hallertau Mittlefrüh hops providing sparky complexity and the complex grain bill adding a touch of toasted malt sweetness. Our distinctively crisp finish crackles across the tastebuds, leaving you hungry for another sip!

Smoked beers go perfectly with summer food. Try it paired with grilled brats or veggies — you won’t be disappointed!