Kurios Black

7.2% abv // 30 IBUs

Available Saturday, December 13

Dark, swirling depths…a sweet, toasted-nut aroma…a mysteriously, malty complex flavor…are you kurios yet?

We are. We can’t keep our hands off this stuff. Brewed with cinnamon and hibiscus and aged in bourbon barrels on Michigan tart cherries, Kurios Black is a complex, rich brew that builds a bedrock of malty stability from which its delicate tart cherry flavors shine forth.

A subtle sweetness greets the palate before rich, deep notes of coffee swirl over the tongue. A thin veil of tart cherry finishes the flavor and leaves a question on the tip of your tongue — can I have another? Yes, yes you can…starting Saturday, December 13. Kurios Black is our first foray into beers made with fruit, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Cheers!