Fall 2015 Beer Releases

This year, fall marks the return of several favorite Wolverine State brews to the lineup! We’ll be celebrating the releases of perennial and returning favorites Barista Coffee Lager, HopStadt Dusseldorf Altbier, MomoShoga Peach Ginger Rye lager, and Classic American Pilsner with release dates beginning in mid August and extending all the way to November!

And of course, we can’t mention fall at Wolverine State without also dropping the fact that Oktoberfest release is right around the corner (!), and the big daddy of all big daddies, MASSACRE 2015, is releasing in October. This monstrous, so-flavorful bourbony brew is celebrating its fourth incarnation this year, and we’re doing it up accordingly. Check back for details on how you can get in on the wax-dipping action! We’ll have music and food specials, and we’ll be going Massacre-crazy all weekend long.

And now, the upcoming beers:

Barista Coffee Lager (now available in the Tap Room!)

6.4% abv / 20 IBU

A collaboration brew with Ann Arbor’s RoosRoast featuring locally roasted Colombian coffee. This lager took gold at the World Expo of Beer in 2015! Wolverine Brewer Karl Hinbern, once in the coffee roasting business himself, spearheaded the coffee side of this beer, finally selecting a Colombian Excelso bean roasted at Roos. Part beer, part coffee, what’s not to love?

Hopstadt Altbier (now available in the Tap Room!)

4.3% abv/ 40 IBU
This Dusseldorf Altbier was brewed in the old style of German ales and took Gold at the World Expo of Beer in 2013. We call it a hybrid lager because we use a German ale yeast and then ferment the beer as cold as we can, lagering it for up to eight weeks in true Wolverine State Brewing Co. fashion. the result is a well balanced, bitter, malty brew that people describe as clean, smooth, and slightly dry. Great for pairing with food, especially rich German fare.

MomoShoga Rye Lager (now available in the Tap Room!)

MomoShoga Rye turned into one of our most popular beers of late 2014-early 2015! Featuring rye, six-row, and a touch of chocolate malt in its delicate backbone, MomoShoga is mostly notable for the ingredients that make up its name: PeachGinger! We selected the best possible peaches to use in the brew, and ginger was added right to the boil for a zippy, warm bouquet and flavor.

Cascade hops add a flowery, citrussy note, rounding out the flavor and making this one bright, delicious beer.

Classic American Pilsner (now available in the Tap Room!)

5.9% abv / 35 IBU
This lost beer style that was once a staple in the American beer landscape during the pre-Prohibition era was resurrected by an Ann Arborite named Jeff Renner years ago. It was originally the immigrant brewer’s version of a German Pilsner using American ingredients like 6-row barley and corn, and hops native to the US. We brew ours with advice and guidance from Renner and cold condition it for over two months before serving. Cold and crisp hardly begin to describe this delicious brew.