Eclipser Dark Saison Lager Brewed w/ Chestnuts and Honey

7% abv / 28 IBUs

Oddly, Eclipser can mean either “outshine” or “overshadow” in French. We like that play of light and darkness — it speaks of balance, complexity, and dual interpretations.

This dark amber-colored brew was created on a base of Pils malts surrounded by the caramel and chocolate forces of CaraBELGE, brown, and chocolate malts. Delicate Belgian esters greet the nose, and notes of layered malt, toasted nuts and the sweet warmth of honey are strong on the palate.

From Brewmaster Oliver Roberts: “Eclipser is another culmination of modern craft brew, ingenuity, WSBC’s expert lagering techniques, & continued journey towards new flavors.”

It’s the time of the year when the sun outshines the darkness, the days grow longer, and we range far and wide. But soon, balance will strike, and we’ll begin the cycle all over again. Saison means “season” — enjoy every drop of this one. Cheers!