Carcajou Belgian Rye Lager

6.2% abv // 32 IBUs

Say WHAT? A Belgian Lager? Belgians are ales! It cannot be done!

Oh, yes it can. The best of both worlds rushed towards one another, and this is the result. Carcajou, a Belgian Rye Lager, is a perfectly balanced meeting of the smooth spiciness of rye, a delicate hoppy bite, and the classic hint of sweetness that characterizes Belgian-style beers. But this lager offers so much more…this complex and layered brew has secrets swirling in its amber depths.

This deep amber brew greets the nose with familiar, classically Belgian notes with an underlying hint of balanced hoppiness. But wait — there’s more: Smoked malt imparts just the smallest hint of smoky depth to this richly-layered brew, and promises a warming, complex experience. The first sip spreads across the tongue with a mild sweetness that is quickly overtaken by layers of spicy rye, and specially-formulated malt additions shine forth with a lightly sour bite. A delicately hoppy aftertaste rounds out the experience, and leaves you hungry for more…

The carcajou, or wolverine, is an individualistic and fierce animal. So, too, is this beer — it stands alone in its complexity and depth, and is a fierce and standout addition to our draft list.

Enjoy this brew while the snow swirls and the temps stay low — Carcajou will warm you right back up.