Basement Fire Smoked & Peppered Lager

Basement Fire returns with a fiery vengeance! This year’s batch includes Beech Wood and Cherry Wood Smoked Malt in the grain bill, alongside Vienna, Pils, and Munich malts. Black pepper is used in the boil for a slight peppery kick, and aging this smoked lager on chipotles adds a depth of flavor and mild spicy smoke unrivaled in refinement.

A subtle smokiness greets the nose as the eyes travel over the rich, brown color of this unique lager. Allow the embedded smoke backbone to travel across your tongue before the rich chipotles billow out across the palate, and hang on as the whole thing goes up in smoke with our characteristically crisp lager finish. 

Use the Basement Fire – Smoked & Peppered Lager on chillier days as a way to warm up, as this delicately smoky, pleasantly spicy, smoked and peppered lager leads way to the rustic seasons ahead. Available in the tap room starting the weekend of October 17.