bluewater light

12 IBU / 4.1% ABV

The concept for the Bluewater Light Lager comes from founders Matt and Trevor.  Beyond the Premium Lager being a good standard American lager suited for everyday drinking Matt and Trevor wanted to eventually give the option of a lower calorie lager as well.  However, not only is the Bluewater Light a little bit lower in calories it also is lighter bodied, less residual malt sweetness, and more highly carbonated to give that little extra “bite!” when drinking.

How we achieved this feat was utilizing an enzyme in our brewing process which continuously breaks down residual starch molecules into fermentable sugars thus giving the yeast more sugar to convert to alcohol.  So we can use less ingredients to obtain a still satisfying amount of alcohol in the beer and reduce the caloric content! Whew!


  • Pilsner Malt
  • Flaked Rice


  • Warrior