December 2018

Round 12 Munich Dunkel is a beer that is simple in its essence but its name carries many meanings and references. It is a Dark German Lager that is characterized by its rich, bready, Munich malt aromas with matching flavors yet is surprisingly mild in its body, and very smooth as a lager should be despite its deep dark color.

Round 12 refers to:

1. The historical boxing match between German boxer Max Schmelling and Joe Louis that was supposed to be a rout by Louis but Schmelling took all the way to 12 Rounds and defeated Louis.

2. “ ‘Round”  being a short version of  “Around” and “12” meaning “12 midnight” because of its nearly black color. So… “Around Midnight”.

The duality of this beers name is a bit more playful with its counterpart.  This beer has a brother/cousin/rival, whatever you’d like to call it! Our ‘38 Redemption Schwarzbier, is in reference to the rematch between Schmelling and Louis, when Louis defeated the German during the 1st Round in 1938.

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