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October 2018

Wet Hops aka Fresh Hops, are hops that have been picked right from the vine and RUSHED to the brewery to maintain their freshness before they start to go bad.  It is a very critical time in the processing of hops right after they are harvested.  Normally hops go directly to a curing process where the moisture is removed to stave off any degradation.

The base beer for Harvest Deluxe is 70% Canadian Pale Ale Malt which is a significantly distinct pale ale malt from Southwest Canada.  It is known for its burly but smooth malt flavors.  There are few specialty malts just to round the beer out but the Canadian Pale is front and center.  

We used the wet Chinook in the Kettle to extract the fresh flavor and aromas of these delicate hops.  It worked!!  I think what we have created here in Harvest Deluxe is our best version to date of a Pale Lager similar to a Pale Ale.

The aroma is a crisp fog of hops with a light malt tinge. The malt, hop bitterness, and hop flavors are exquisitely combined for a refreshing and hoppy beer that does not overpower your palate and gives you the clean and crisp drinking experience we have come to be known for.

Pints, growlers, crowlers and kegs are available in the tap room -- come grab a draft today or reserve a keg.

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