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September 2019

Irish Hills is a Irish Red Lager, and is made with mostly Pale Ale malt which is one of the more hearty of base malts. We used Flaked Rice for about 15% of the recipe to lighten the body and then used some crystal malt to give the beer ruby hues and a nice soft sweetness that is not cloying whatsoever.

We used German Magnum hops just for bittering to balance out the soft malt sweetness to lend no aroma and/or hop flavor. This was done purposefully as we intend this beer to be uber easy to drink with lots of flavors.

This beer will pair well with rich, flavorful foods as it won’t interfere with the taste of the food and won’t bog you down because it is very light-medium bodied.

Slainte! (this is the common “cheers” in Ireland and Scotland, pronounced slahn-che)

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