March 2019

The Volitionist is our journey into an untapped realm of styles, the Stout Lagers. Ale styles abound in this category -- Dry Stouts, Sweet Stouts, Russian Imperial Stouts...yet no Stout Lager. So, we did it.

We use a carefully measured balance of American and British Roasted Barleys, Flaked Barly, and Chocolate Malt to give Volitionist its distinct profile, along with hops that are known to do well in ales and lagers alike. By letting Volitionist ferment to total fruition, we were were rewarded by a huge degree of dryness, which in turn showcased the beer’s roasty subtleties.

The Volitionist shares all the similarities of a traditional American Stout and a Dry Stout, but the roastiness of our Dry Stout Lager is wholly unique to the concept.  As an undefined style we chose to explore its potential, so we can choose to go down this road of discovery, as we also consider ourselves Volitionists.

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