13 ibu / 6.6% ABV

We brew this beer in collaboration with Roos Roast of Ann Arbor.  Karl the Brewer used to be a coffee roaster before joining the brewing world and so we put him in charge of the coffee side.

Karl and John Roos chose a Colombian Santa Barbara bean and roasted it dark to keep the acidity down as well as the amount of caffeine contributed to the beer.  We estimate that a 12oz. glass of Barista has a little less caffeine than a can of Coke so you probably won’t see people bouncing off the walls.

The beer we brew for Barista is a Canadian 6-row barley malt base with small additions of Aromatic malt which boosts the perception of malt sweetness, Chocolate malt, Biscuit malt, a Special Roast malt from Wisconsin that adds a bit more sourdough character and orange hues than Biscuit malt, a pinch of Black malt for color, and then we use some Amber liquid malt extract to get better brewhouse efficiency.

Barista is hopped very lightly with East Kent Golding hops from the U.K. which have an earthy and herbal hop flavor that goes well with the earthiness of the coffee.


  • 6 Row
  • Chocolate Malt
  • Special Roast
  • Kiln Amber
  • Roasted Barley


  • East Kent Golding
  • Hallertau Mittelfreuh